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Welcome to the introduction page of Fluent Farsi Free Course! The Free Course provides you with 3 sample lessons in which you will learn some Farsi words and sentences, and you will see how easy it is to learn to speak in Farsi with Fluent Farsi teaching system.

Is Farsi one language, or two languages? How many versions does Farsi have? Which version do you need to learn? This Free Course provides you with answers to these questions and many other important questions.

The Free Course will inform you about the 7 major differences between Spoken Farsi and Formal Farsi. Another name for Formal Farsi is 'Written Farsi'. Written Farsi is not the same as writing in Farsi. Detailed explanations are provided in the Free Course.

To enroll in the Free Course, the online course system needs an email address that you provide as your login ID, and a new password of your choice, as your password. This way you enter the online course system. 

Please rest assured that your email address is safe with us and your privacy is most important for us and we never ever share it with anybody else. The online course system simply needs an email address as your ID to let you enter the online course system.

Below please find the list of the Free Course content. We strongly recommend that you learn the content of the Free Course as it contains important information about Farsi language and the do's and don'ts of learning Farsi. This knowledge is hard to come by, and you will do a magnificent service to yourself by learning the content of the Free Course.

We are happy to see you here! Let's begin the Free Course now!

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16 Videos
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